My food photography GEAR

All the photography gear I currently use and love. This guide has been updated as of April 2024 (4+ years into my photography journey). If you’d like to see the kit I started with, go here! 

Everything below is compatible with my specific Canon camera model. Before making a purchase, check that it's compatible with your camera. As always, do your research before buying, and if you have any questions, leave a comment!

This page contains affiliate links which means that I receive a small commission for purchases made through those links. Rest assured, I only provide links to products that I actually use and wholeheartedly recommend.

Cameras & Lenses

Canon 80D

Since Fall of 2020, my main camera is the cropped sensor Canon 80D. While it isn't full frame, it's still compatible with a wide range of higher end lenses from Canon's RF line and other brands like Sigma and Tamron. Keep in mind that cropped sensor cameras "crop" the effect of lenses.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II.

My secondary camera for travelling is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. It's extremely light weight, and I love the old-fashioned look. I also used this when my previous Canon Rebel camera broke down, and it was great for food photography even though it's not a DSLR. 

Canon EF 18-55mm f/3.5-f5.6 Zoom Lens

For large scenes and flat lays, I still use this 18-55mm zoom lens that came with the Canon Rebel camera I first started with. If you’re looking for a flatlay lens, the Canon 50mm fixed lens is a great and affordable option. 

Canon 24-70mm f2.8 Zoom Lens

For all other angles, I use this 24-70mm f2.8 zoom lens. I know the price tag can be a bit shocking, but it's THE BEST investment I've made. It’s the one I primarily use for all my studio, restaurant and video work, so it’s the workhorse of my entire kit. 

Tamron 90mm Macro Lens

Fall of 2021, I invested in this Tamron 90mm macro lens. I know a lot of people recommend the Canon 100mm, but since my camera is cropped, I get the same effect as a 100mm, and with a friendlier price point. Note: They have two options, one for Nikon and one for Canon.

MY Investment Philosophy

Build Slowly

Quality Over Quantity

Pricey doesn't mean better

Sustainable over trends

I firmly believe in waiting to upgrade equipment until you've proven to yourself that you'll stick with it.  Remember: you don't need high-end gear to take beautiful photos. 


Gear for Filming Content on Your Phone

The essentials you need to create quality social media video content using your phone.

Gear for Filming on DSLRs

Ready to elevate your video production? Start here. 

C-Stands, Light-Stands & Tripods

Sturdy and supportive is the key when it comes to bearing the weight of your precious gear. 

Neewer C-Stand

A C-stand is essential for creating hands-free overlay shots, and can double as a light stand. I can compose my scene without having to stand on a stool or precariously balance my tripod on the table.

Impact C- Stand (10.75’)

Heavier than my Neewer c-stand, but much higher in quality. 

Neewer Light Stands (2-Pack)

For holding up lights, modifiers, and backdrops

Neewer Clamp Attachment

For attaching backdrops, modifiers, and props like flowers or leaves on light stands

Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 Tripod

Sturdy, while portable. My favorite for on-set and in-studio photoshoots.

Impact Sandbag 15lbs

For stabilizing c-stands, light stands & tripods

Fav light for studio & on-site photoshoots

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Trigger for AD600
(multiple camera models available)

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Continuous light for video & photos

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Portable, Affordable & Powerful

Trigger for TT600 Speedlite (multiple camera models available)

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For mounting your speedlite to a light stand

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Artificial Light Kit

My current lighting gear: depending on the shoot I’ll use a combination of all or some of the items below. If you’re not sure what type of lighting modifier you need, watch this video I love that explains the different uses. If you have a question just drop me a DM in Instagram! 

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For Bright & Airy Light

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For photographing drinks, product, or anything really


Favorite Things

The all-star products that never let me down for lighting, styling & gear organization.

Their stone vinyl backdrops are my favourite. Use my code WHISKFULLYSO for 15% off.

Under $50, and so much fun. 

How I protect my gear and my back to and from on-site shoots.

Wondering how to get those super gorgeous sparkles in an image? There’s a filter for that!

Never have a backdrop fall on your scene again.

Affordable light modifier — can also be subbed with white or black foam core boards.

Freebie Freebie Freebie


A simple, easy to use, and visually clutter free planner to organize and schedule your photoshoot ideas. 

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