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Contrary to most photography origin stories, mine didn’t start with an obsession for photography, but with a career as as fashion designer. 

Truth be told, the glitz of the fashion world was nothing like I expected. There were many long nights, and living in New York, while amazing, was stressful. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, there was a bright spot: evenings at my favorite bakery for a buttery croissant or trying out new restaurants.

Returning home to Toronto during the pandemic, starting a food blog felt like the natural next step — a perfect opportunity to pursue a dream. I knew that a food blog had no chance unless the images were stunning, so I borrowed my dad’s camera, watched a bunch of Youtube videos, and started baking and photographing everyday.

Turns out all I needed was the right subject, because when it comes to food I can’t get enough of photography. While this blog started off as a food blog, it’s evolved into so much more: A place for aspiring and growing food photographers to learn.

If you’re here, chances are you’re equally passionate about chasing a dream of becoming a food photographer or having a successful food blog. Maybe it’s something you hope to do full-time so you have more time for your family and the things you love, or maybe it’s your creative escape outside of your 9-5. You've made the leap, but as soon as you start searching for guidance on how to become a food photographer, you're hit with an overwhelming wave of information. It's a lot to take in, isn't it?

I get it. The world of food photography is a whirlwind of choices — from choosing the right gear to learning how to manipulate natural and artificial light, getting the placement of spaghetti just right, or editing the color brown in Lightroom — it’s A LOT of time and a lot of money.

I found myself asking the very same questions you might be wrestling with right now, except I spent years of trial and error, splurging on gear, pricey courses, all to receive disappointing answers. All I wanted was honest advice from someone who had been there before – no sales pitches, no false promises of extravagant earnings. That's why I created this blog – to provide you with the straightforward, approachable, and accessible resources I wished I had when I first started out.

Whether you're a beginner looking to launch your dream or you’re running your own photography business and want to stay up-to-date with the latest, elevate your business, or food photography trends, you’ll find tips on lighting, creative business, styling, and more.

Leaping into the unknown of a new skill or career is always better with a friend. Some of my most significant breakthroughs were made possible by the wisdom and encouragement of fellow photographers I admire. This community thrives on mutual support, so I encourage you to engage with posts, ask and answer questions, so that we can all learn and grow together.

Your journey is just beginning!

I believe in "Creating with Intention," over letting trends and algorithms dictate what and when I post, and pushing myself to explore beyond the constraints of a 1x1 or 4x5 ratio. Doing my best to stick to the intentional boundaries for online engagement, while making room for creativity away from the screen.

Initially, I wrestled with feelings of impostor syndrome, believing that in order to confidently call myself a food photographer, I needed a grand studio space and a six-figure income. However, food photography has become the journey, not merely a destination – a voyage of self-discovery, pushing my boundaries, and learning things I never thought possible. It's about not being defined by what I do, but by who I am and the person I want to become.

Fashion designer turned food photographer/
art director/ project manager  

behind the camera

A snapshot

Love languages include: sending longer than necessary voice notes; staying awake till 12am to score the reservation; re-organizing your desktop files (did I mention I LOVE a to-do list?)

What I'm 


Things that boost my serotonin levels : Sunset runs, wine & cheese nights, an evening spent reading with a cozy fire, farmer's market trips, road trips with friends to cottage country, and splurging on fancy Eataly pasta. 

What I'm 


To silence the raging inner critic with compassion. I'm Duolingo-ing (is this a word?) my way through Italian and French, all so I can be like Julie Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love & romanticize my pasta order IN Italy.  

What I'm 

not about

Courses that promise quick fixes or instant 6 figure returns. Clutter. Buying new gear before a need arises. Room temperature cookies (always warmed up please!). 

what I


I'll never have that aesthetic 5am morning routine girlie, and I'm finally okay with that! For me, it's all about embracing authenticity over striving for perfection, and opting for timeless investments rather than fleeting trends. 

a bts of the first image i ever took!


too cute

stripes always

my own studio _someday!

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