Homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup

June 16, 2021

Make the most of your spring florals with a homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup – perfect for adding to bakes and cocktails!



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Make the most of your spring florals, by turning your magnolia blooms into a Homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup! With a sweet floral undertones, and zings of ginger, this syrup is perfect for adding into bakes or making delicious cocktails!

*NOTE* As always with syrups and foraged produce, be extra thorough in cleaning the produce and check for freshness before consuming.

Everything you need to know about this Homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup

YIELD: This recipe makes 2 cups or 16 fluid oz.

METHOD: The classic syrup method – Water and sugar is first boiled to create a sugary syrup, which is then used to steep the magnolia petals to release their flavor!

TEXTURE: Not very exciting in the flavor department, i’m afraid. It’s syrup-y and thick just like maple syrup.

FLAVOR: Where it lacks in the texture department, it surpasses in flavor! (more about how it tastes below)

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: EASY! If you know how to boil water, then you can definitely make this!

gathering magnolia blooms in the spring

What does Magnolia Syrup Taste Like?

Before making this Magnolia Syrup, I thought that the main flavor would be floral. Almost like a rose or lilac taste, since magnolias smell very sweet. But I could not be wrong! Unlike their blooming scent, Magnolia Syrup actually has a subtle lingering spicy after note, almost like ginger, and very little floral taste. It’s the most unique syrup I’ve ever made, and perfect for spring and summer time.

Steeping magnolia blooms to make syrup

Ingredients & equipment to make Coconut Golden Raisin Swirl buns


  • Magnolia Petals – Keep in mind that there are MANY Magnolia tree varieties. My tree is a Magnolia Liliiflora, with long purple/magenta petals, but you can certainly make this syrup with another variety!
  • Granulated Sugar – This will add sweetness to the syrup. I don’t recommend using any brown sugars as that give a “toasted” molasses flavor to the syrup.
  • Water  – The base of the syrup.
  • Ginger  I decided to add extra grated ginger, to really boost the natural subtle ginger notes in the Magnolias.

special equipment:

Strainer – To remove any particles or “flower gunk”, and unsure the the final syrup is pure.

How to Make Magnolia Ginger Syrup

Above is a quick video showing how I made the magnolia syrup. The steps are below, along with a few tips to help you out.

STEP #1 – Wash your Magnolia Petals:
This is the MOST IMPORTANT step. Who knows what insects or dirty water has touched your magnolia flowers (BLEH!), so the minute you bring them inside, immediately soak them in water to wash off any bugs or particles. Remove the petals from the stem, and individually wash each petal – front and back – under some trickling water.

STEP #2 – Make the sugar syrup: The sugar syrup is a simple mixture of granulated sugar that is dissolved in water over the stove. Be patient and let the sugar slowly dissolve over low heat, or you risk burning the mix. The sugar syrup should be thick and viscous (sticky).

STEP #3Steep: In a large bowl, steep the clean magnolia petals in the sugar syrup, along with some grated ginger. Make sure you cover the bowl while it’s steeping so the flavors won’t escape.

STEP #4 – Strain & Bottle – Lastly, gently strained the mixture into a clean steralized bottle, making sure that you catch all the grated ginger and petals in the strainer. Let the syrup fully cool, before capping and placing in the fridge as quick temperature changes will shatter glass.

How to store Magnolia Syrup

For ultimate freshness, store the syrup only in clean steralized air-tight glass jars.  Keep the syrup in the fridge, and it will stay frresh for up to one month!

Ideas to use magnolia Syrup

The applications are endless with this, but here are some of my favourites!

  •  In cocktails – The #1 easiest way to use magnolia syrup is in drinks. How about a refreshing summer Julep with grapefruit and mint? or poured over a watermelon granita?!
  • In a cake or cupcakes – The fresh gingery taste would go perfect with a blueberry or fruit cake. You can use the syrup to keep your cakes moist or add a tablespoon or two into the cake batter or the frosting!
  • Over pancakes – Who said maple syrup was the only syrup for pancakes? This magnolia syrup is delicious when added to pancakes for a refreshing bite.

I hope you enjoy this Homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup, and that it inspires you to explore other syrup possibilities with what you have in your garden.

Comment below and let me know how you used this syrup!

Till next time, Sharon

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Homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup

Sharon | Whiskfully So
Make the most of your spring florals with a homemade Magnolia Ginger Syrup - perfect for adding to bakes and cocktails!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Category condiments, syrups
Servings 2 cups or 16 fl oz


  • 25 g Magnolia Petals
  • 200g (1 cup) GranulatedSugar
  • 470 ml (2 cups) Water
  • tbsp Fresh Ginger grated


  • Sort through the magnolia petals, only keeping the nicest ones. Strip the magnolia petals from the base of the stem or bud, and soak them in water to remove surface level dirt. Then cleanse each petal, one-by-one with trickling water, making sure to clean the front and back.
  • Pat the petals dry and let them air dry on some paper towel or cloth.
  • Meanwhile, make the sugar syrup by combining the granulated sugar and water in a small sauce pot over the stove on low heat. Don't stir the mixture with a utensil while it dissolves, you may swirl the pot instead. Once the mixture is simmering, check the consistency until the liquid is thick, viscous and sticky like syrup.
  • In a large bowl, add the magnolia petals, and pour the warm sugar syrup over to completely cover the petals. Add in the grated ginger then cover the pot and let mixture steep for at least 20 minutes or more.
  • Strain the magnolia water into a large pouring jug, making sure the strainer catches the petals, grated ginger, and any particles. Pour into a clean steralized glass jar, and allow to fully cool before capping and storing in the fridge.


  • Syrup stays fresh in the fridge for up to 1 month. 

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